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How it works?

Our 4-phase process is designed to make getting your assets back quick and easy


FAQs  on us and our processes

Can I trust you?

We are aware that trust is an important aspect in our ordeal with our clients, and as such, we can proudly inform you that Coinassisst is a registered entity and recognised by financial institutions

How does it work?

From case to case, our methods for getting our customers’ money back differ significantly. If our clients need help recovering their passwords, we will guide them through the process of extracting an encrypted backup of their private key and creating an exhaustive list of potential password guesses. After that, we send our clients’ data to secure password-cracking servers, which use the information they have gathered to try billions or even trillions of different password combinations until they find the one.

Do I need to tell you all my passwords?

No will never ask our clients to divulge more information than they are comfortable sharing with us.

Can you recover scammed or stolen assets?

Yes, we offer crypto asset recovery to victims of crypto  fraud.  Complexity may vary based on the nature of each case

How long does the recovery process take?

The duration of the process to retrieve lost cryptocurrency might range from less than a day to more than six months. This is because, after onboarding a client, we usually finish our initial search in about a week.

What types of crypto can you recover?

The types of crypto that we support are expanding every day. At the moment we support seed phrase recovery for any type of bip-39 or erc-20 token including legacy mnemonics, 13th and 25th words.For password recoveries, our list of currently supported accounts is:, Bitcoin Core, Multibit, Electrum, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist Ethereum Wallet, Dogechain Core, and

How much do you charge?

We work on a service based fee which varies case by case but is often a fraction in percentage of any funds recovered. Please note that additional charges for the recovery process may/may not be covered by us, depending on the  nature and complexity of the case.

What our clients say

We’ve given a lot of crypto victims a reason to smile again, here’s what some of them had to say

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